About Us

Military Remembrance was started because I want all Military families to have something to remember their loved ones with on a daily basis. Whether they have passed away or being deployed for years at a time you’ll always have them close to your heart.

You see my dad was a Veteran who served 2 tours in Vietnam, he had a massive heart attack in 1998 and it seemed like the world stopped for me and my family. Back then the technology wasn’t there to make this precious memorabilia but it is today.

That's why I have created Military Remembrance, for me, it’s to be able to look down and see my dad in a way I never could, in his uniform in a country far far away. He sacrificed a lot for his family and served our great nation to the best of his abilities. I want to help other families feel the same pride every time they look down and see their son, daughter, husband, wife or anyone else they truly miss as well.

Along the way, I pledge to donate a percentage of the profits to organizations that help our military veterans and their families. This is the least I can do since they have done so much for me and my family.

I want to be able to give thousands of dollars every year to organizations like the Wounded Warrior Foundation, Tunnel to Towers Foundation, Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation and many, many more. Help us support our Military Families and get something in return to remember your beloved family member in the process.